Throughout my college career, I have created multiple projects, written many papers, and given many presentations I am proud of. Below you will find samples of my work that demonstrate my abilities in addition to reflecting my passions. 

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship Individual Research Semester Project

Throughout this course, we were told to answer the question What role can entrepreneurship play in solving social and environmental problems? Our professor provided us with very ambiguous guidelines and instructed us to take a creative approach to the project. We were given months to complete research, conduct interviews, and compile our findings into a meaningful product that real entrepreneurs could use as a tool. 

I chose to focus on social entreprenuers in my research in order to align my project with my personal passions. Through the process of conducting primary and secondary research, I discovered the value of storytelling in solving our world's biggest, most pressing social and environmental problems.

My project highlights four tools every social entrepreneur can leverage to communicate their organization's value.

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Women in Business Executive Conference Brochure

As the Vice President of Conference Logistics for Miami University Women in Business, it was my responsibility to organize our organization's 12th Annual Executive Conference. The theme for the 2016 Conference was Building An Authentic Personal Brand, and we were proud to have over 200 students, faculty and professionals in attendance.

 My committee and I spent over a year planning the event and the attached brochure is a reflection of the event's success. 

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Target Case Competition Presentation

For a Creativity & Innovation in Marketing course, my class partnered with Target for a semester-long project. Each team was to come up with a creative idea that would enable Target to better serve the Hispanic population. Every team presented their idea to our class, and one group was then selected to present to Target's store managers and other executives.

My group was fortunate to be selected as the winning team, and we gave a 20 minute presentation to Target explaining out idea. We recommended that Target expand its fresh produce grocery section to include a Hispanic market (El Mercado Fresco), enabling the store to cater to the needs of Hispanic mothers. We also recommended that Target form a partnership with chef Rick Bayless to create a new product known as La Caja De Comida. La Caja De Comida is a Blue-Apron-style food box containing all of the ingredients necessary to make one of Rick Bayless' delicious recipes for an entire family.

Click below the view my team's presentation.